offshoring jobs & employment at Swami's Sofact in z�rich

offshoring jobs employment in z�rich

Jobs @ Swami's Sofact

Sofact have following openings

job and employement opprtunity at sofactJob:- Marketing Executives
Location : US of A, Canada, UK, Middle East, India.
Qualification :- Diploma in Marketing, Candidate should have clear concepts of internet, pros of Website and E-commerce.
Candidate should have strong communication skills.
Working Hours:- Flexible

Dont' Work Hard Work Smartly
Work with new ideas concepts, be honest deliver what you promise and thats all, you won't market your services but people (your clients)  will.

Interested applicants can send their biodata (plan doc) along with a self written article PROS AND CONS of internet business to [email protected]



  • Offshoring describes the relocation by a company of a business process from one country to another -- typically an operational process, such as ...
  • Movement to a location in another country of some part of a firm's activity, usually a part of its production process or, frequently, various ...
  • substituting foreign for domestic labor
  • the process of transitioning service delivery from the location of the Service Buyer to a different geography
  • refers to relocating business processes such as development and production, to other countries
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