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In Zambia
Hope for Africa International

Hofai offers Orphans and Vulnerable children by providing their first education through establishment of Community Schools, their first balanced meal, and/or their first day at school .

Special Feeding Programs
Our feed Programme for Street Children from the , orphans in Community Schools and families hit by AIDS or other devastating illnesses.

For example, Children (pictured at right) is very happy to be at our Chilanga Community Schools in Lusaka Zambia. Before coming at Chilanga Community School , they scavenged for food in rubbish dumps. Now Children have hope to "grow up and become a good people in Society.With your help, we shall increase the opportunity to more Children in Africa.

Disease-free Water/Sanitation
In Africa, 80% of the children do not have access to clean water. In many areas, women and children must walk for hours to find water. At the same time, animals are drinking and urinating in it! Animal carcasses often lie rotting at the edge of the water.

Hofai, in partnership with Community Based Organizations and Zambia Community Schools Secretariat is looking for Partners to help in Building more Community Schools and Water systems in villages where women and children do not have access to clean water and where children die because of contaminated water.

Hygiene Clinics
African mothers, especially new mothers are taught basic hygiene practices--starting from the bathroom and moving to the kitchen--to help safeguard their children's welfare.

War Against AIDS
As a continent, Africa has the highest number of people affected by HIV/AIDS. 70% of all the infected adults and 80% of all the infected children live in Africa. Furthermore, 2.2 million out of 3 million worldwide deaths occurred in Africa.

Hofai is actively involved in numerous AIDS/HIV through INTERFAITH ON HIV/AIDS programs in Africa. These programs include feeding programs and provision shelter for AIDS orphans, and AIDS/HIV prevention seminars.

Some of our programs include:

ZAMBIA: Orphans receive food, clothing, and shelter. They also have a Care Giver who provides God's love and teaches basic living skills.

TANZANIA: The Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) are Cared within Communities and over 248 OVC are in Foster Families. Hofai is also looking for Partners to help in Opening Community Schools Systems in Tanzania since it has worked well in Zambia.

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: Hofai is providing Care and food for Orphans and Vulnerable Children and AIDS orphans. The feeding Programme is helping over 875 OVC and we intend to Open Skills Training and Community Schools. Much need to be done for more Centres to deal with Community rehabilitation of Street Children in Congo and help Families with seed Capital.



Hope for Africa International in Partnership with other NGO’s in Africa are promoting the Model of Care which aimed at helping a larger scale of Orphans and Vulnerable Children. Through the Model of Care Orphans in Community   Schools and Government Schools are helped with School fees and Family support through Micro-Finance and General Assistance. The Model of Care promote support of Children within families either adopted  or foster. In promoting the Model of  Care Hofai has been networking with Local and International Organizations.


                                       INTERATIVE RADIO INSTRUCTIVE (IRI)
Hofai participated in the pilot project of the Government of the Republic of Zambia under the Ministry of Education in July 2002 which was conducted in Lusaka, Chongwe and Southern Province. To day Hofai is implementing the Interactive Radio Interactive in all Community Schools in Zambia. IRI is s learning through Radio and Children are helped by Government Trained Mentor who is a Volunteer.

Hofai has received a lot of support from Government such as Radios,Chalks, Pencils,Books, Chalk Boards and Grants through BESSIP through the Ministry of Education.



Centres needs desks, support for Mentors and Children, education materials additional Radios and many others support for the centres to provide quality education to Children.

                       SKILLS TRAININGS SCHEME

Hofai is training Orphans and Vulnerable Children with survive Skills to ensure that they are completely empowered at Chilanga Community School. Currently the following Coursed are Offered:
Tailoring and Designing  80% Practical and 20% Theory
Carpentry and Joinery    80% Practical and 20% Theory
Computer                          80% Practical and 20% Theory

Due to lack of Tools in Welding, Mechanical and other fields are not able to increase more Course but with help of Tools we can increase course. The currently tools we are using where donated to us by UK Based Organization Called Tools with a Mission.



In order for Hofai to ensure collective response to the needs of Children? We  are the Affiliate Member of the following Organization,
Hope for Southern Africa (SA)
Zambia Community Schools Secretariat (ZCSS)
Link Association for Relief of Children  (LARC)
Rainbow Project International                   (Italy)
International Circle of Faith                       (U.S.A)
Children in Distress Network                     (CHIN) 

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Hope for Africa International is a African Interdenominational Charitable Organization, member of Zambia Community Schools ...




We hope you have seen Proposed Proposal for Three (3) Years, which gives some idea of how Aids has affected children. If you would like to help, please visit our donations page



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