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Makuka is an orphans that walked 8 miles to our house to ask for assistance. This orphan Child always leading the BLIND Grandmother in the Streets of Lusaka . They live with their grandfather who had on work or money to buy food due to luck of employment.

Help is needed for the Orphans and Vulnerable children in Zambia who live to fend for themselves. Government agency in Zambia has resources to help the thousands of Orphans and Vulnerable children who due to Aids and Poverty. WORKING TOGETHER, WE CAN BRING HOPE TO CHILDREN

US$25.00 per moth will provide food, clothes, bedding, schooling and medical care for one child. At present, we have many babies less than 3 years of age who need sponsors. You can choose to give a general gift to Hope for Africa as there are a variety of areas that also need support. Donations can be one time or monthly. Please learn more about our programs and see how best you can help.

Mail the check payable to Hope for Africa International see address below. Please include a short Message in with your first check saying that you want to sponsor a child or make a donation. We will send you a set of pre-addressed envelopes if you ask for them.
Hope for Africa International (HOFAI)
Kafue Road plot number 1820/4
PO Box 34490
Tel: 260-1-278933

Account Info
Zambia National National Commercial Bank
Kwacha Branch Cairo Road
Account Number 0530010000248043
Lusaka Zambia

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Hope for Africa International is a African Interdenominational Charitable Organization, member of Zambia Community Schools ...




We hope you have seen Proposed Proposal for Three (3) Years, which gives some idea of how Aids has affected children. If you would like to help, please visit our donations page



Hope for Africa International
Kafue Road P.O. BOX 34490 Lusaka,Zambia .
Tel 260-1-278933
Founded 1990



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